Record number of Envision-region charities supported in 2021

The First West Foundation is pleased to announce the 2021 recipients of the Envision Financial Community Endowment Grants with $488,000 headed to 38 different organizations through two funding streams: resilient and resourceful (R&R) and supporting the social services sector (4S).

We are also celebrating 25 years of serving communities across all our regions. Established in 1996, the First West Foundation is proud to have invested over $7 million in meaningful projects to make a positive and lasting impact upon community life. In recognition of 25 years of helping communities thrive, more dollars are reaching the community this year and each grant disbursement will include an additional $25 to celebrate our 25th anniversary. 

As the founding and largest endowment, the Envision Financial Community Endowment supports community projects throughout the Fraser Valley and in Kitimat. Since 1998, the endowment has provided 429 grants totaling over $5.1 million in grant funding.

Grants in the Envision region are largely for projects and programming aimed at those who are affected by a wide range of socio-economic factors (R&R - resilient & resourceful). Additionally, recognizing the opportunity to strengthen the important work being done in the social services sector, grants have also been provided to support organizational development initiatives such as leadership training and workshops to help improve the skills and capacity of staff, volunteers and organizations (4S - strengthening the social services sector).

Click on the link below to learn more about the charities and the 38 projects being funded.

2021 Envision Financial Community Endowment Grants – R&R + 4S combined