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At First West Foundation, we’re always asking ourselves how we can be a better community partner to you. Granting is the cornerstone of our community work and in order to grow we’re evolving our processes through a trust-based philanthropy lens. 

Trust-based philanthropy is an approach to granting that seeks to shift power inequities between funders, charities and the communities they serve to create a healthier, more equitable sector for all. We want to partner with you and believe trust is the starting point for all our conversations. And as we move fully into trust-based philanthropy, we want you to know we’re listening and we’re here to help. 
Trust-Based Philanthropy in Action: 
  • We’ve made our application simpler and streamlined to include four questions
  • We’ll do the homework and get to know you better
  • If technology or process is a barrier, we’ll accept your application by phone. Simply call us and we’ll walk through the application with you and we’ll complete it together.
  • We have 10 multi-year grant commitments - we continue growing in this area through thoughtful conversations and fiscal stewardship
  • We ask for your feedback and take action to enhance and improve our efforts
  • Our Impact grants are released unrestricted
Learning and growing is fundamental to building trusting relationships with you and we are all in. To learn more about Trust-Based Philanthropy, please visit the Trust-Based Philanthropy project: (https://www.trustbasedphilanthropy.org/practices
We’re here to help. If you have questions about First West Foundation or want to learn more about our approach to granting, call us anytime at (250) 487-7337.

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