Creating a Named Fund

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You too can realize your charitable dreams for the community.

Here are the types of funds the First West Foundation offers:

Community Fund

Earnings generated by these funds are pooled and distributed by the Foundation to respond to current community needs.

Field-of-interest Fund

This fund provides support for a general area of interest without limitation to a specific organization or beneficiary. The scope for field-of-interest funds can be as broad or as narrow as you wish.

Designated Fund

This fund provides ongoing support to particular agencies or organizations, as identified by you, the donor. Income is disbursed at least annually to the specified beneficiaries.

Donor-advised Fund

This type of fund enables ongoing donor participation in the distribution of income from the fund. The donor gives the Foundation recommendations on distributions from time to time.

Student Award Fund

These funds generate scholarships for students to pursue their education. Donors designate to a specific educational institutions that select deserving individuals based on criteria developed by the donor.

Memorial Fund

Created by donors to commemorate a person, family, or important event. These funds can be established as any of the above-listed funds.

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