Charities across the Okanagan to benefit from $122,805 in grants

The Valley First Community Endowment proudly supports community projects in the Okanagan, Thompson and Similkameen regions. Since 2011, the Valley First Community Endowment has provided $995,064 in grant funding for 141 projects supporting thriving communities.

We are also celebrating 25 years of serving communities across all our regions. Established in 1996, the First West Foundation is proud to have invested over $7 million in meaningful projects to make a positive and lasting impact upon community life. In recognition of 25 years of helping communities thrive, more dollars are reaching the community this year and each grant disbursement will include an additional $25 to celebrate our 25th anniversary. 

Grants from the Valley First Community Endowment fund support charities and programs enhancing individual and community resiliency, particularly in the area of hunger and food security issues throughout Valley First’s communities. The scope of funding was broadened outside of food security issues leading to some innovative new projects being supported.

The First West Foundation, through its Valley First Community Endowment, is granting $122,805 this year - a total of 15 grants - to deserving charities across the Okanagan, Similkameen and Thompson valleys. Funds continue to directly support programs or initiatives that contribute to building thriving communities.

Click on the link below to learn more about the charities and the 15 projects being funded.

2021 Valley First Community Endowment grants